Proper us of supplements to implement the 4th Natural Law of Healing

May 8, 2022

My Favorite Supplements How do you measure the effectiveness of supplements The 4th Natural Law of Healing. Support the show

Vibrational Technology for Healing and EMF Energy that Maims

May 1, 2022

Recent Cell Tower install maims Residents, Health Effects by the Radiated power from Cell towers. Afib, Brain Fog, Cancer Glioblastoma Brain Cancer Using Vibration Technology to move Lymphatic fluid Detox Build Bone Build Mu…

How To Cleanse The Toxic Storage Centers of the Body

April 24, 2022

Best places to buy food Best Pans to use to cook Best plan for Detoxing www.livingwaterscleanse.com Support the show (http://www.livingwaterscleanse.com)

The Benefits of Using a Doula to Assist with your Baby's Birth

April 17, 2022

-Benefits of having your baby with a doula -Differences between a midwife and a doula -How to find a midwife -Homebirth vs. Hospital birth Support the show (http://www.livingwaterscleanse.com)

71. Food that Heals the Body

April 11, 2022

- Melon, Natural Honey, Maple Syrup, Kale and other foods will help boost your immune system -Invest in a masticating juicer vs a Centrifugal force juicer -Proper supplements Support the show (http://www.livingwatersclean…

70. How to Change your Food and Chemical Addictions

March 31, 2022

Roundup-ready crops create glyphosate in the food chain Gluten intolerance Gut Health Chemical addictions Smoking addictions Alcohol addictions Drug addictions Food addictions Creating Thyroid and Hormone issues 10 Day Heali…

How to avoid getting sick and tips for losing weight

March 28, 2022

Colon Hydrotherapy Dentistry Best Practices for cooking Cleaning out the toxins in your diet Healing Naturally from within 4 Natural Laws of Healing What problems do root canals cause Healing Psoraisis Signs you are toxic Su…

68. How to Overcome Covid Long Haul Symptoms

March 20, 2022

How to Overcome Covid Long Haul Symptoms Colon Hydrotherapy Ondamed Pulse Frequency Far Infrared Therapy Light Therapy Energy Medicine Lymphatic Liver Cleanse Support the show (http://www.livingwaterscleanse.com)

67. How to activate your bodies stem cells to aid in repair without surgery with Savy Vargus

March 11, 2022

How to use light therapy to activate your body to make Stem Cells on its own without surgery. www.stemcellpatch.net www.livingwaterscleanse.com Support the show (http://www.livingwaterscleanse.com)

66. The Many Benefits of Iodine

March 6, 2022

The Lost Benefits of Iodine Support the show (http://www.livingwaterscleanse.com)

65. Health Hacks Avoiding Toxins in a Toxic World

Feb. 27, 2022

Deep Tissue Cleansing Far Infrared Sauna Benefits for detoxing Far Infrared Biomat What to look for in a Far Infrared Sauna Free Radicals What they are and how to neutralize them How to Measure Antioxidants Why not to eat Po…

64: What is Colon Hydrotherapy? How can it help you? Case Studies

Feb. 20, 2022

How to do colon hydrotherapy What is a Regular Bowel movement Boosting Immunity by healing your gut with Colon Hydrotherapy Candida/Yeast All your organs connect to the intestinal tract How Colon Hydrotherapy opens up the …

63: Major Toxins you are Absorbing or Consuming Everyday and How to Avoid and Detox from them

Feb. 11, 2022

- Discover where toxins are hiding in your food - Things you can do to avoid toxins - How To Cleanse the Body from Toxicity - Non-Toxic vs Toxic Cookware - Toxic vs Non-Toxic drink containers - EMF's Most damaging EMF Sour…

62: Parasites Creating Disease and Havoc in your Body and how to Eliminate Them

Feb. 6, 2022

How we get parasites How to eliminate parasites Parasites create gas and bloating Colon hydrotherapy PEMF Zappers and Herbs for parasites Emotional Connection to parasitic energy Lymphatic Detox with T Zone Liver toxicity L…

61: Dr Floyd Discusses the 5 Modalities of Healing.

Jan. 30, 2022

5 Laws/Modalities of healing Allopathic Law of Contraries, Treat or Cure Homeopathy, Law of Similars, Similar things expel each other Chiropractic, Structure and Function Acupuncture Naturopathy. Law of Biodynamics. Law…

60: Dr. Martin Paul talks about the dangers of EMFs (A pandemic bigger than covid)

Jan. 23, 2022

-Why cell phone towers our bad -The science behind EMF's -Stop carrying your cellphones in your pockets Dr. Martin Pall 5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Gr…

The Day I Almost Died, How I Healed my Body Naturally from Severe Illness

Jan. 16, 2022

How I healed myself Things you can be doing on your own without the doctors Start listening to your body Key Elements of Boosting your immune system Healing From Virus Infection Lung Parasites Boosting NK and T Cells Measuri…

58: Simple Easy Healthy Foods To Keep Your Body in Top Health

Jan. 10, 2022

How to Make This simple Heatlhy organic soup. Healthy Fast food. Tossing out the Microwave Best Salt to use. Best Cooking Pans to use. Setting up a good break room at work. How I create a cereal that is healthy Best Juicer J…

Achieve your Resolutions by Breaking the Old Sabotaging Habits of Old Addictions by following this simple protocol

Jan. 2, 2022

Resolutions: Set yourself up for success by applying the right tools Clearing out Toxins that are preventing you from achieving your goals How one 42 year smoker had no desire to smoke after 3 days Switching off the response…

How this Toxicologist Ashley Everly Recovered her Vaccine Injured child. A candid conversation on Vaccines and Immunity

Dec. 27, 2021

After her Baby was injured by his first does of Vaccines, Toxicologist Ashley Everly started doing research on how did the vaccine cause her sons injury. 1700 pages later she put together the book vaccine.guide Studies the …

Toxins come from some of the least expected places. Learn what they are and how to avoid them.

Dec. 20, 2021

Toxins are all around us. Some we would never think would harm us. Some are invisible to the eye but are some of the nastiest. Learn where they are and how to avoid them and how to detox from them. Support the show (http://w…

How This Frontline Doctor Treated Covid. A Candid Conversation with Dr. Genti Saputro of Lifetree Medical Clinic, Jakarta Indonesia

Dec. 13, 2021

- What supplements help with Covid -The importance of nutrition in the prevention of Dis-ease. -Why boosting the immune system is the key to curing almost any disease Support the show (http://www.livingwaterscleanse.com)

Self Healing

Dec. 6, 2021

-Dr. Hazel and her story -Listening to our body to find out what it needs - The book 'The Healer' Support the show (http://www.livingwaterscleanse.com)

Holiday Bloat

Nov. 29, 2021

-How to use digestive enzymes to help with the Holiday junk food. -Lymphatic fluid and how the t-zone can help -Mastering Juicing Support the show (http://www.livingwaterscleanse.com)