Feb. 25, 2021

14: The Powerful Healing effects of Ondamed PEMF with Dr. Silvia Binder

14: The Powerful Healing effects of Ondamed PEMF with Dr. Silvia Binder

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PEMF, Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency, via the Ondamed Machine has been in use for 26 years.  Doctors who have embraced this technology share that they believe this is the future of medicine.
 At Living Waters Wellness Center it is a critical tool we use along with Colon Hydrotherapy and other modalities. 
We first embraced this machine fully when we saw such a drastic turnaround in our own health using it at first for Candida/Yeast.  
Since that time as we have got to know the amazing capabilities of this device. (4 Machines in one) We have used it for numerous health conditions, including constipation, gut health, Osetoprosis, PTSD, Brain health, Nutrition, pain, joints and the list is endless.  
 We are energy and using energy to heal makes perfect sense. 
 Dr. Binder in this interview goes deep into the experience that the Ondamed provides and how they are using this as a major player in healing the Covid Virus in Nigeria.  We too have had this experience.  Lots to learn in this show.  Enjoy! 

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