Feb. 7, 2023

113. Tips to keep your Body Healthy When Exercise is a Weekend or Intermittent Thing

113. Tips to keep your Body Healthy When Exercise is a Weekend or Intermittent Thing

David gives all his best tips and tools to recover your body muscles, joints, aches and pains.

Are you a Weekend Warrior? 

No exercise and then you go all out and pay for it later?

Maybe you can't exercise but want to stay healthy this episode covers it.
Whether you are 33 or 63 or 83 you need the strategy to keep your body strong,

How to keep you limber and healthy to live your best life.

How you can get rid of Body odor.

How to keep your tendons, ligaments, and muscles healthy.

Stay away from this nasty sports drink that's loaded with chemicals.

This product tested on Seniors showed that 90% of the seniors tested showed a cognitive improvement in memory. 

Electrolytes.  See Episode 10 Superior Electrolytes

How to detox the body www.4NaturalLawsofHealing.com

A simple tool to keep you active and flexible see podcast with Dr. Ian Gainor on Vibration Technology
Get the machine at Http://www.healthvibrate.com
Latest Miracles:

Hip Pain Disappeared
Arm Numbness Gone
Allergies Gone
High-Quality Nutritional Supplement. Get them here:  https://nskn.co/wZbPAe

Best Pain tools that are not toxic. www.StemCellpatch.net

How to reverse Bone loss 
Prevent and eliminate Lactic Acid 
Natural ways to treat pain without drugs.

#1 liquid to take to prevent Alzheimer's and Dementia
Best Vessels/Containers to drink out of
Organic Coffee

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